I wish … would …

I wish it would stop raining.

It is ringing. Jill wants to go out, but not in the rain. She says:

I wish it would stop raining.

This means that Jill is complaining about the rain and wants it to stop.

We use I wishwould … when we want sth to happen or when we want sb to do sth. The speaker is not happy with the present situation.

Ex 1. The phone has been ringing for five minutes. I wish sb would answer it.

Ex 2. I wish you would do sth instead of just sitting and doing nothing.

You can use I wishwouldn’t … to complain about things people do repeatedly.

Ex 1. I wish you wouldn’t keep interrupting me.

We use I wishwould… for actions and changes, not situations. Compare:

Ex 1.       I wish Sarah would come. (= I want her to come)

But         I wish Sarah were here now. (not I wish Sarah would be)

Ex 2.       I wish sb would buy me a car.

But         I wish I had a car. (not I wish I would have)

 I wish I knew …

We use the past after wish (I wish I knew / I wish you were, etc.).

We use wish to say that we regret sth, that sth is not as we would like it to be:

Ex 1. I wish I knew Paul’s phone number. (= I don’t know it and I regret this.)

Ex 2. Do you ever wish you could fly? (You can’t fly.)

Ex 3. It rains a lot here. I wish it didn’t rain so often.

Ex 4. It’s very crowded here. I wish there weren’t sp many people.

Ex 5. I wish I didn’t have to work. (but I have to work)