Practical Cases in LOST– S01-E01

give/ lend sb a hand

need/ want a hand

a hand = help with sth you are doing specially sth that involves physical work:

Ex 1: Can you give your brother a hand up in the attic?

Ex 2: She’s always the first to volunteer to help when I need a hand.

Ex 3: Do you need a hand packing?

Ex 4: Can you give me a hand to lift this?

Ex 5: If you get stuck, Denise is always willing to lend a hand.

On the count of three…

تا سه می شمارم …

get sb out = to be allowed to leave a place, or to make it possible for sb to do this:

Ex 1: Get him out of here!

Ex 2: He got out after serving a 12-year sentence for manslaughter.

Ex 3: They are starting a letter-writing campaign to help get the political prisoners out.

Ex 4: We got out of school early on Thursday.

a big/ deep breath = an occasion when you breathe in a lot of air once

Ex 1: Big deep breathe!

Ex 2: Relax and breathe deeply.

get out = to leave a place or building

Ex 1: You ought to get out into a fresh air.

Ex 2: Mary screamed at me to get out.

Ex 3: Get out of the kitchen.

Do you have a second?

آیا کمی وقت دارید؟

Save me some water.

برای من هم کمی آب نگهدار

have/ undergo surgery on sth

Ex 1: Lopez has undergone three surgeries on his knee in the past two years.

Ex 2: Leslie had surgery on her toe last year.

Ex 3: He underwent surgery to remove a bullet from his chest.

hang (on) in there also

hang tough = to remain determined to success, even in a difficult situation:

Ex 1: If it is worth doing, it is worth hanging in there.

Ex 2: Don’t worry. Just hang on in there.

black out = to become unconscious; faint; pass out

Ex 1: For a few seconds, he thought he was going to black out.

Ex 2: The clerk hit on the head and blacked out.

I don’t know your name.

(وقتی با کسی تازه دوست می شین) من هنوز اسمت رو نمی دونم

keep/ have your eye on sb/sth

= to carefully watch everything that sb does, especially because you don’t trust them:

Ex 1: We want Taylor in jail, where we can keep an eye on him.

Ex 2: Clerks are keeping an eye on the groups of teenagers who came into their stores.

Ex 3: Firefighters kept a wary eye on the dry hills.

place sb = to remember why you recognize sb, what their name is etc.:

ex 1: I recognize the name, but I can’t place him.

Ex 2: I’ve seen her somewhere before, but I can’t quite place her.

turn into = to change by magic from one thing into another, or make sth do this:

Ex 1: The wall of thorns suddenly turned into a wall of big beautiful flowers.

Ex 2: With a wave of her hand, the witch turned into a frog.

How many pregnant are you?

Did you ever use a needle?

Did you ever patch a pair of jeans?

You don’t seem afraid at all.

اصلاً نگران به نطر نمی رسی

Fear is sort of an odd thing.

You sure you’re warm enough?

I’ll keep you company, until …

دوستت خواهم بود تاوقتی که …  –  کنارت می مونم تا …

A)    Have we ever met anywhere?

B)    I look familiar, all right?!

Give me best number.

شماره تماست رو بهم بده – شماره دائمی ..

The-end-of-the-world type weather…

Transceiver looks like a complicated walkie-talkie.

What the hell just happened?

یهویی چی شد؟

We have to go back for him.

It was behind me, but I dove into the bushes.

big fire

آتش بزرگ

strong reaction

عکس العمل قوی

black box

جعبه سیاه

Distress call

تماس برای کمک

rescue boat

قایق نجات


کابین خلبان

strong drink

نوشیدنی قوی

seat belt

کمربند ایمنی