Apply yourself.

To work with a lot of attention for a long time:

Ex. I wish Sam would apply himself a little more to his school work.

Surpass yourself.

FOTMAL – to do sth even better than you have ever done before:

Ex. Stewart has surpassed himself with his latest novel.

Watch yourself.

مواظب حرف زدنت باش – مواظب رفتارت باش

Used to warn sb to be careful not to hurt themselves get into danger, etc.

Suit yourself.

هرکاری دلت می خواهد بکن – خود دانی

SPOKEN – used to tell sb they can do whatever they want to, even though it annoys you or you think they are not doing the right thing:

EX. “I think I’ll just stay home tonight”. “Sui yourself”.

Enjoy yourself.

خوش گذراندن – خوش بودن – کیف کردن

To be happy & experience pleasure in a particular situation:

Ex. David seemed to be enjoying himself at the concert.

Put yourself (out).

To make an effort to do sth that will help sb:

Ex. I wouldn’t want to put yourself out just for me.

Despite yourself.

If you do sth despite yourself, you do it although you did not intend to:

Ex. Jessie realized that, despite yourself, she cared about Edward.

Dig yourself into a hole, ALSO

Dig a hole for yourself.

To do or say sth that makes a problem or situation so bad that it is difficult to make it better:

Ex. The mayor dug himself into a hole when he promised 3000 new jobs.

Deny yourself.

To decide not to have that you would like, especially for moral or religious reasons or because you think it will be good for you in some way:

Ex. Mrs. Owners saved money by denying herself even the most basic comforts.

Pinch yourself.

SPOKEN – to remind yourself a situation is real & that you are not imagining it:

Ex. I keep having to pinch myself, & tell myself that I really did win.

Doll yourself up.

خوشگل کردن – ژیگول کردن – شیک و پیک کردن

INFORMAL – if a woman dolls herself up, she puts on attractive clothes and make-up, especially before going out to a party, club etc :

Ex. Maggie was in her room, dolling herself up.

& Be yourself.

پ.ن. ضرب المثلی از فرهنگ هزاره ۱۳۹۱

Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost.

ما که سیر شدیم گور پدر هر چی گشنه است – خر ما که از پل گذشت گور پدر بقیه