In future & in the future

in the near/immediate/not-too-distant future

Ex 1. It may be useful at some time in the future.

Ex 2. What do you think life in the future will be like?

Ex 3. We will not be hiring anyone else in the foreseeable future.

Ex 4. In the future, when my youngest child has started school, I’d like to get a job.

Ex 5. In the future, it is quite possible that a new source of energy will be discovered.

Ex 6. In the future, this kind of business will be very lucrative.

Ex 7. It is unlikely that we will acheive any profits In the near future.

Ex 8. The company is hoping to expand in the near future

Ex 9. The possibility of travel to other solar systems still lies in the distant future.

Ex 10. In future, anyone arriving late for class will not be admitted.

Ex 11. In future, staff must wear identity badges at all times.

Ex 12. From now on, I’m not letting anyone borrow my car.

Ex 13. The meetings will be held once a month from now on.

Ex 14. From now on, you will have to make your own lunch.

Ex 15. From now on, homeowners will have to get a city permit if they want to build an addition onto their homes.

In the future –>  at some time in the future (planned or wished)

معنا در هزاره: در آینده، در آتیه

وقتی از این عبارت استفاده می کنیم که بخواهیم از برنامه، طرح، یا آرزویی در آینده باخبر شویم

In future = from now on ( commonly used in announcements and warnings)

معنا: از حالا به بعد، از امروز به بعد

یعنی از حالا به بعد چیزی محقق خواهد شد و معمولا در هشدار ها و اعلان ها استفاده می شود – معمولا در انگلیسی بریتانیایی کاربرد دارد