At the end of

In the end

At the beginning of

In the beginning

At the end of refers to the point where sth finishes;

در­­پایان – در آخر

EX 1. Their house is at the end of the road.

EX 2. Do you remember what happens at the end of the movie?

EX 3. At the end of the dinner sb made a speech.

EX 4. What would she find at the end of her journey?

In the end is used to introduce the result or outcome of sth; and marks sth as happening after a long period of time; and usually has a more literary use;

سرانجام – دست آخر- بالاخره

EX 1. In the end united won by three goals to two.

EX 2. It seems more and more likely that the human race will in the end destroy itself.

EX 3. In the end I decided not to go.

EX 4. What did you decide in the end?

At the beginning of

Sth that happens at very start of an event or period of time happens At the beginning of

عملی که درست در لحظه شروع رویدادی خاص یا دوره­ای معین اتفاق می­افتد

EX 1. There’s a short poem at the beginning of every chapter.

EX 2. There’s a car chase at the beginning.

EX 3. Could we start at the beginning? Tell me where you first met him.

In the beginning

If sth happens in the beginning, it happens during a period of time near the start of an event or longer period of time;

چیزی در مراحل آغازین رخداد یا در آغاز دوره­ای طولانی تر اتفاق افتاده است

EX 1. In the beginning, the South has some success.

EX 2. I was too shy to speak to her in the beginning.

EX 3. I thought he loved me; perhaps he did in the beginning.