1. [ countable usually singular, uncountable] a desire for food :
  • Her husband always had a huge appetite.
  • Symptoms include tiredness and loss of appetite.
  1. [ countable ] a desire or liking for a particular activity

appetite for

  • She has an amazing appetite for knowledge.
  • People seem to have an insatiable appetite (= always wanting more of sth) for news of any kind.




a good/healthy appetite

  • Growing children should have a healthy appetite.
  • It’s healthy to have a good appetite.

a big/huge/enormous appetite

  • By the time Ron was 16 he had an enormous appetite.

a poor appetite

  • A poor appetite may be a sign of illness.

a small appetite

  • My aunt only had a small appetite.



have an appetite

  • There’s lots of food – I hope you have a good appetite.

lose your appetite

  • She was so miserable that she completely lost her appetite.

give somebody an appetite ( also stimulate your appetite formal )

  • The exercise and fresh air had given us an appetite.
  • Exercise usually gives me an appetite.
  • The aroma of the herbs and spices helps stimulate the appetite.

spoil/ruin your appetite (= make you not feel like eating a meal )

  • Don’t give the children any more sweets – it will spoil their appetite.



loss/lack of appetite

  • Symptoms include fever and loss of appetite.
  • I’m a bit worried about her lack of appetite.
  • a loss of sexual appetite