سرباز  Private . soldier
سرجوخه  Corporal
گروهبان  Sergeant

گروهبان یکم  Sergeant Major or / first sergeant

گروهبان دوم  Staff Sergeant

استوار  Sergeant Major
ستوان  lieutenant

ستوان یکم  first lieutenant or/  top sergeant

ستوان دوم  Second Lieutenant

ستوان سوم  lieutenant juinior grade

سروان  Captain
سرگرد  Major
سرهنگ  Colonel

سرهنگ دوم  lieutenant colonel

سرتیپ    تیمسارBrigadier General or /  brigadier
سرلشکر  Major General
سپهبد   Lieutenant General
ارتشبد General


These words sound more familiar for boys rather than girls! BTW, I have tried to write below sentences to not return your home freehand. By & after this post I think I do  a catharsis.

۱– My aunt obtained her Major insignia on 25th October.

۲– When his brigade stands tightly before Major John Frank, oftentimes abashed he feels and sometimes conceited.

۳– One 12-year-old boy arrived, claiming to be a lieutenant colonel.

۴– Why would the sergeant major want to talk to you?

۵– Carter, a staff sergeant who worked in a Los Angeles tire facility after the war, passed away in 1963.

۶– The senior military advisor to the film was Colonel Joseph, brigade commander at the actual battle.

 پی نوشت ۱ : تلفظ سرهنگ را یه بار چک کنید!